When you buy a computer office chair, what are you most concerned about?

Style, safety, comfort, price, or are they all concerned? In fact, the most important thing is to focus on your needs and budget. You value the price of the seat, then choose an ordinary office chair; you value the comfort of the seat, especially if you suffer from cervical spondylosis and lumbar intervertebral discs, it is best to choose an ergonomic chair.


  1. If you only want to meets ordinary office needs and have a lower budget,then butt safety is the most important thing.

There are occasional incidents of office chair air pressure stick explosions. You’d better not to have the psychology of greedy for good luck. Perhaps the next person who will be hurt is you.  Experts said: Most of these incidents are inferior products. The service life of regular air pressure rods is more than 10 years, and the number of lifts is about 150,000, so there is no need to be afraid of. If you are pursuing an ultra-low price, it is recommended to choose a chair that is not prone to danger, such as bow chairs and four-legged chairs. For swivel chairs and lift chairs, it is recommended to choose chairs with brands or relevant safety and quality certifications.


Pay attention to the following points when purchasing ordinary computer office chairs:

  1. The air pressure rod must pass safety certification. Generally, the regular air pressure rod will have the brand logo and related parameters engraved on the rod. When there is no label display, you can ask which factory the air pressure rod is produced by and whether it has passed ISO9001 national safety quality certification or SGS safety certification (short for Societe Generale de Surveillance SA) , Translated as "General Notary Company", is issued by the world's largest and oldest non-governmental third party engaged in product quality control and technical appraisal). It is best for him to show relevant supporting documents.


  1. The material must be comfortable and breathable. Office chairmaterials are mainly divided into three types: the first is leather chair, which has good air permeability, PU leather is generally breathable, but usually leather seats are more expensive; the second is mesh chair, the most common and breathable Good office chairs have good performance. The filling sponges in good office chairs are still very vigorous after sitting for several years. Inferior office chairs may be very soft when they are first sitting, but after sitting for a long time, the filling sponges inside will collapse and the air permeability will also be worse; there is another kind of pure mesh cloth, which has the best air permeability, but the seat cushion of pure mesh cloth has great defects. The service life of general mesh cloth is much shorter than mesh + sponge office chairs.


  1. The legs of the chair must be stable. The ranking of chair leg stability: five-star foot> arched foot> four feet.The chair wheels ofinferior five-star feet also have the risk of falling off. I have personally experienced that I used to buy an executive chair for cheapness, and after sitting for a while, the chair feet fell off with no reason. Fortunately, I notice that early, otherwise it would be miserable if it rolls over.
  2. If you have higher requirements for the comfort and health, it is recommended to choose an ergonomic chair.

There is no need to say much about the hazards of sitting for a long time. Not long ago, a friend of mine was complaining: “The chair of the company is uncomfortable. I sit for too long every day and my neck is in a stiff state all day long. Now my neck pain is really serious. "In the end, there was really no way but to buy some medicine to dredge the cervical spine. After taking it for a few days, it was relieved, but it was only relieved. The hidden dangers of cervical spondylosis could lead to worse results at any time.


Speaking of this, most people will have the following questions: Can an ergonomic chair really relieve cervical spondylosis? What is the difference between it and ordinary work chairs?


The principle of the ergonomic chair: that is, the design and material of the seat can be best adapted to the human body shape by means of science and human health research, thereby reducing the fatigue caused by poor sitting posture to the human body. When the human body is in a natural and relaxed working state,the strain on the muscles of the shoulder and neck, spine, arms, and thighs can be relieved and reduced effectively.


The biggest difference between an ergonomic chair and an ordinary office chair is that it is more comfortable for people to sit on, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:



Ordinary office chairs usually only provide one size, and because the height and width of different office chairs are not the same, what kind of body shape can fit depends on the size of the relevant product. In contrast, the ergonomic chair has a variety of adjustment functions, so the suitable body shape range is wider, and some ergonomic chairs will provide multiple sizes to choose from.


It can be found that many ergonomic chairs do not have a headrest. Why? The function of the headrest is nothing more than the support of the head when it is reclined backwards at rest, and the function of the headrest is basically zero when working in a normal sitting posture. Therefore, the presence or absence of a headrest is not the key to an ergonomic chair, but it is better than nothing.

Chair back:

The chair back can be said to be the soul of the entire ergonomic chair. This is also the most important difference from ordinary office chairs. It is not a problem that can be solved by a simple curve. The material used and the fit of the human spine , The method of reclining adjustment is the key to the back of the chair. A good work chair back should feel relaxed and free, without pressure, weight and stuffiness.

Lumbar support:

Most ergonomic chairs will have an adjustable lumbar support, and of course there are some without lumbar support. Adjustable lumbar support is divided into up and down adjustment, left and right adjustment, strength adjustment or asymmetric strength adjustment. The adjustment method is not the most important thing. The important thing is whether the lumbar support + chair back can provide perfect support to the spine and lumbar spine.


Different materials have a big difference in the sitting feeling of the seat. I have talked about the main divisions above, and I will not repeat them here. "High-end" ergonomic chairs are mostly made of patented materials, so the sitting feelings molded are extremely different. In addition to the material of the cushion, the ergonomic chair is very different from the ordinary office chair in the shape design and adjustment method of the cushion. In order to reduce the pressure on the hip and leg nerves and blood vessels when compressed, the front end of the seat is usually waterfall-shaped. Secondly, the seat depth adjustment can be divided into front and rear adjustment (not changing the length of the seat cushion, changing the distance to the back of the chair) and curling adjustment (not changing the distance to the back of the chair, changing the length of the cushion).


The armrests are connected with the back of the chair or not is related to the overall comfort of the entire ergonomic chair. Only when they are connected, the armrests can maintain the same angle with the back of the human body when reclining, so that the arms can be comfortably supported. At the same time, the front, rear, left, and right adjustment of the armrest is also very important for a work chair.

Chair leg:

The legs of ergonomic chairs usually use five-star feet, while ordinary office chairs also use four-legged, arched feet, etc. in addition to five-star feet. There are three main materials for the legs of the chair: nylon, steel, and aluminum alloy. Strength: aluminum alloy>steel>nylon. As far as the weight of the human body is concerned, the chair legs made of nylon are sufficient to bear.

Air pressure rod:

The reason why the office chair exploded was the use of inferior air pressure rods. According to my discovery, most of the big-name ergonomic chairs use the pressure rods of South Korea Sanhong. As long as other brands of pneumatic rods have passed quality certification, there is basically no problem in safety.

Chair wheel:

Most ordinary office chairs use hard wheels, while ergonomic chairs usually have two chair wheels (hard wheels and soft wheels) to choose from. The hard wheels are suitable for carpets, and the soft wheels are suitable for wooden floors and porcelain. Floor, usually used in home office desk chair.