Office chairs include mid-shift chairs, meeting chairs, staff chairs, conference chairs, visitor chairs, training chairs, ergonomic chairs,executive chairs, etc. 1. Office chair: a single seat for indoor use. 2. Swivel chair: an office chair whose seat surface can be rotated in a horizontal direction. 3. Classification according to the adjustment method of the office chair: Type Ⅰ: office chair with adjustable seat and back; Ⅱ: office chair with adjustable back angle; non-adjustable office chair: the relative position of the back, seat surface and armrest , Office chairs with non-adjustable angles

Basic composition

1: Casters: ordinary casters, PU wheels (soft materials, suitable for wooden floors, and machine rooms).

2: Chair legs: The thickness of the iron frame directly affects the service life of the chair. Surface treatment: polishing, spray painting, baking varnish (surface gloss, not easy to remove paint), electroplating (wood frame can not be electroplated), the electroplating quality is good, and it is not easy to rust.

3: Pneumatic rod: also called the extension rod, used to adjust the height and rotation of the chair.

4: Chassis: The part that holds up the seat, and the bottom is connected with the air rod.

5: Chair seat: It is composed of wood, sponge and fabric. The quality of wood boards is usually not felt by consumers. Sponge: recycled cotton, new cotton. 99% of the manufacturers use the two together. The thicker and harder, the higher the cost. The thickness and hardness are just right. Press the chair seat with your hands,  Materials: Ma Rong, mesh, leather. The plastic frame is pressed into the net cloth. This type of chair is more in line with breathability.

6: Handrail: Thickness affects quality.

7: Chair back seat connection (corner code): The chair seat and the chair back are separated, connected by steel pipe or steel plate, steel plate, usually 6mm or 8mm thick. However, steel plates with a width less than 6 cm must be 8 mm thick.

8: Chair back: a chair with a steel frame and a plastic frame, which is made of a combination of mesh fabric, which is breathable.

9: Lumbar pillow: reflects the comfort of the chair.

10: Headrest: express the comfort of the chair.


From the perspective of material composition, it can be divided into: leather office chair, PU leather office chair, cloth office chair, mesh office chair, plastic office chair, etc.

From the perspective of use occasions, there are mainly offices, open staff offices, meeting rooms, reading rooms, library rooms, training classrooms, laboratories, staff dormitories, staff canteens, etc.

From the perspective of the type of use, it can be divided into: boss chair, work chair, staff chair, supervisor chair, conference chair, meeting chair, ergonomic chair, etc.

Daily maintenance

  1. It should be lifted and handled gently, and special attention should be paid to avoid collisionwhen you choose a home office desk chair.
  2. After sitting for a long time, you should often pat the sedentary parts and edges to restore the original shape and reduce the depression caused by the concentration of sitting power.
  3. When placing the leather, keep it away from heat sinks and avoid direct sunlight. It is strictly forbidden to expose it to strong light.
  4. Do not rub vigorously during normal cleaning, so as not to damage the epidermis. For leather sofas and office chairs that have been used for a long time or accidentally stained, use a cloth dipped in soapy water (or washing powder, with a moisture content of 40% to 50%) to scrub. Then wipe it with clean water, and then dry it with a clean cloth. Do not use strong detergents (such as detergent powder, chemical solvent turpentine, gasoline or other inappropriate liquids) to clean.
  5. When using, try to place the center of gravity in the middle of the pneumatic rod to ensure that the pneumatic rod rises and turns lightly and flexibly, especially when placing a computer chair; office chairs after long use should always check whether the screws on the mechanism are loose, and if there is any looseness, tighten them in time; springs and knobs Whether it is loose or not, the spring should adjust the elastic force according to the user's own body weight, so that the back of the chair can return freely and it is most comfortable to lean against.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to sit on the armrests of sofas and office chairs or place heavy objects on them.

 It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions to maintain the office chair regularly, so as to extend its service life.

  1. Do not leave the office chair under the sun for too long, which will cause some plastics to age and cause hydrogen embrittlement.

Clean attention

One: First of all, of course, we must understand the material of the office chair. However, the legs of general office chairs are mainly made of solid wood and iron. The stool surface is made of leather or fabric. The cleaning methods of chairs of different materials are different when cleaning.

Two: If it is a leather art office chair, it is best to try it in an inconspicuous position when using the leather art cleaner to see if it fades. If there is fading, dilute it with water; if it is particularly dirty, use lukewarm water and let it dry naturally.

Three: The solid wood office chair legs can be wiped directly with a dry cloth, and then some detergent, do not wipe with a cloth that is too damp, and then exposed to dry, which will accelerate the internal decay of the solid wood.

Four: The general cleaning method of fabric stool is to spray detergent and wipe gently. If it is particularly dirty, it can be cleaned with warm water and detergent. Don't just rub it with a brush, in that case the fabric will easily look very old.

Several elements of office chair selection

  1. Pay more attention to the overall layout of the office chair

The design of the office chair is very important, including the height of the chair surface, the keyboard drawer, whether it is easy to move, and whether it has multiple functions. If you often feel muscle soreness, if the height of the office chair can be adjusted, as for whether it is convenient for the elderly and children to use the office chair, it is best to adjust the height according to the height of the person. You can choose products with such functions when purchasing, so that the whole family can use it. No one wants his chair to be covered with messy wires. It is best to choose an office chair that is integrated, which not only maintains the beauty of the interior, but also complements the decoration of the home.

  1. Look at the workmanship of the office chair

The office chair also emphasizes stability, because it carries the human body, and only solid and reliable can make people sit on it with confidence. The current low-priced products, without exception, use a frame structure, that is, several wooden boards are put together and nailed together. Although they are cheap but not durable, they are not suitable for purchase. Most of the products that meet the standards of durability and firmness use a bearing and screw structure, which is detachable, and the stability greatly exceeds the frame structure, and the price is not too expensive. For all considerations, it is still worth recommending.