Office chairs mainly refer to chairs used for office. Nowadays, the customization of office furniture has become the first choice of many companies. With the development of office chairs, various names have been derived. In addition to the size of customized office furniture, it is more suitable for the office space. In terms of creation, it has an overall improvement effect. What are the requirements for the customization of high-end office furniture? Different from the wooden materials in the past, the office chairs in modern office chairs are mostly made of sponge, mesh, nylon, and steel; according to the usage scenario, they can be called: executive chair, office chairs, conference chairs, computer chair, Training chairs, etc.; and high-end functional office chairs can also be called ergonomic chairs. There are so many kinds of office chairs on the market, how do consumers choose high-quality and comfortable office chairs?

  1. The air pressure rod must pass safety certification. Generally, the regular air pressure rod will have the brand logo and related parameters engraved on the rod. When there is no label display, you can ask which factory the air pressure rod is producedby, whether it has passed the national safety quality certification or SGS safety certification, you’d better let him show the relevant certified documents.
  2. The material must be comfortable and breathable.

Office chair materials are mainly divided into three types:

 The first type is leather chair. The breathability of leather is good. PU leather is generally breathable, but leather seats are usually more expensive;

The second type is mesh chair. It is the most common and has good air permeability. The filling sponge in a good work chair is still very vigorous after sitting for several years. The inferior office chair may be soft when it is first sitting, but after sitting for a long time the filling sponge inside will collapse, and the air permeability will also have a greater impact;

 The third type is pure mesh fabric, which has the best air permeability, but the seat cushion of pure mesh fabric has great defects. The service life of general mesh fabric is much shorter than that of mesh + sponge office chairs.

  1. The legs of the chair must be stable. General office chair foot stability ranking: five-star foot> arch foot> four feet. Of course, in the case of stable quality, inferior five-star feet also have the risk of the chair wheel falling off.