A seat slider on an office chair is a lever which allows you to adjust the distance between your seat and the back of the office chair. Maintaining good posture whilst sitting at a workstation is very important to prevent damage to spinal structures, back pains and muscle strains.

How to Use Seat Sliders

Ergonomic office chairs have adjustable features to ensure that the user is getting proper lumbar support and can achieve the correct posture for sitting. One feature of an ergonomic office chair is a seat slider, which as mentioned, is a lever that allows the user to adjust the distance between the seat and the back of the chair.

Where is the seat slider?

You can usually find the seat slider located on the left side of your office chair.


Adjusting the depth of the office chair

You can adjust the depth of your office chair by standing or sitting on the chair. Simply lift the slider lever and move the seat forwards or backwards until you feel you have achieved the correct position. If you have adjusted the depth whilst standing, sit down in the chair to see if you feel comfortable and re-adjust the chair if necessary.

How do I know if I have adjusted my office chair correctly?

You can measure whether you are correctly positioned in your office chair using your fingers. For the best level of comfort, you will need a distance of 2-3 fingers from the back of your calf to the front of your office chair.


Benefits of a seat slider

Office chairs with a seat sliding feature can offer better back support to users as it ensures that your back is correctly pressed against the back of your chair. They can also help to relieve pressure from the back of the knees, as you can spread your weight across the seat’s surface area.


It is important to remember that people have different body structures, and therefore, different needs when it comes to sitting comfortably. If you are hot-desking and sharing office chairs at work, a seat slider will allow multiple people to find optimal comfort when sat at a desk.


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