Office Furniture, through it’s been known to travel to fabulous far off places, Yamasoro still insists on the “same product, same standard, same specification” for every work chair. As a brand founder with rich experience who focus on the production of office furniture, Steven would like to believe the essence of personalization comes from the inspiration of design, but the core of a high-end brand needs to concentrate stable supply chains and strict quality management for each part.

Yamasoro, Specializes in the design and manufacturing of office furniture and ergonomic chair for private offices and SOHO workers. A group of global designer and provider of high-quality chair part with skilled local workers in office furniture industry. Working hand-in-hand to bring their exquisite craftsmanship within ideal mind: Working could be enjoyable”.

  “Working could be enjoyable”. Everyone deserves a relaxing cheering working environment. Enjoying the working, and growing, moving forward from enjoying. No matter you are working by your side, or you are working in a startup, or been hired by a big firm. You spend so much time in the office working. Sitting is not only a basic demand but a healthy and elegant working environment to stimulate your love of life and pursuit of a career. Whatever, for both ergonomic office and high back office chair, professional certifications take customers with more protections.

 All the product from the selected brand of Yamasoro has been carefully designed, going though constant modification and quality control. Every producing process is strictly inspection and each YAMASORO office chair is exhaustively tested.

 We offer eco-friendly fabrics derived from natural ergonomic leather, filled by high density foam. We promise all material are very safe test and non-toxic. The leather high back office chair with headrest design gives you maximum lumbar support for comfort and convenience.